Leverage your products to deliver superior customer engagement!

Thingle.me is a mobile web app that allows you to engage your end-users leveraging your own physical objects

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How Can Thingle.Me Help You?

Exploit the full potential of your products by delivering superior customer engagement

Know your customers

Thingle.me allows you to collect user, product, location data and information altogether and to store and dispose of them in one place.

Giving your customers access to unparalleled customer experience, Thingle.me accelerates the construction of your customer database at a very low cost.

Federico Capeci

Marketing, R&D, customer care, and more can finally put the usage and the user at the center of their strategy, actions, tunings, real time insights.

Federico Capeci, CDO & CEO Italy, TNS

Thingle.me chat backoffice
(Screenshot source: Thingle.me chat agent interface)

Give them more value

Thingle.me is the most natural, easiest, most convenient and cheapest way for your customers to reach you.

Increase customer satisfaction by allowing end-users to interact with you exactly where and when they need it.

Ilda Serchiani

I hate to wait hours on the line to talk to someone. With Thingle.me I reach a live agent in no time and for free, even abroad with a camper.

Ilda Serchiani, Florence

Customer chats with customer care via a coffee machine
(Image credits: Giorgia Isacchi. Work with Giorgia on 99designs.com)

Grow your sales

Your product is always with your customer as a constant reminder to purchase accessories, consumables and spare parts. And you don’t have competition there too.

There’s no easier way for the user than posting an order exactly when they need it, directly from the physical product.

Thingle.me provides real-time chat-assisted purchases, which are proven to reduce bouncing rate and purchase interruptions.

Ilda Serchiani

I realise I need something, I buy it right away. It's so easy and quick. No deferrals, no Internet searches anymore.

Carsten, Frankfurt Area

62 people out of 100 will use Thingle.me to purchase consumables and spare parts
(Online survey: 2,000 adults who shop online from Italy, Germany, the UK and the US)

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